Premature Birth malpractice

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A newborn is always a reason for cheer and celebration in the parent’s life.

Premature Birth malpractice

Though it comes with a lot of struggles that the parents, especially the mother goes through a period close to nine months. But once the baby is here you sure want to cherish the moments.

Though raising a kid is a unique experience, it sometimes can get very trying and stressful for the parents, due to birth defects caused by medical negligence.

Did you know that around 12.5% of children born in the United States are premature? A premature or pre-term baby is one that is born before 37 weeks. And there could be a number of reasons behind having to deliver a baby before full term.

A few known causes for a premature baby are:

  • Preexisting health related issues including hypertension, blood disorders, and diabetes, can increase your chances of having a preterm baby.
  • A history of substance abuse, alcohol and smoking are also possible causes.
  • Weight plays an important role for mothers. Underweight or Overweight mothers have higher chances of premature childbirth.

It’s always advised that mothers should monitor their own condition throughout pregnancy, and let their doctors known if they suspect the smallest of anomalies.

Your medical service provider (doctors and their staff) are trained to identify the signs that could lead to premature birth, and procedures to follow to prevent it when possible.

Listed below are various injuries that can be linked to premature birth, and can be due to medical negligence:

Eye Defects: Vision development of your infant begins in the womb by the 3rd month. The blood vessels in a baby’s eyes continue to develop through birth. In case of a premature delivery, this growth is hindered. In extreme cases, it could lead to abnormal blood vessel growth a condition known as Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy: In most cases Cerebral Palsy can be detected right after birth, and the majority of cases can be diagnosed within 2 years. The milder forms of this condition can take up to five years to diagnose, once the brain is fully developed.

The signs of Cerebral Palsy could be any of the following for babies:

  • Baby feels ‘floppy’ when they are picked up.
  • The baby is unable to hold up his/her head while lying on their stomach or while they are in a sitting position.
  • Poor reflexes and posture
  • Having difficulty in swallowing or feeding.
  • Having problems rolling over or prefers one side of the body.

Hearing Loss: Hearing loss in newborns can be caused by toxic chemicals or medicines the find it’s way to the womb when a mother consumed them.

Other reasons might include a severe bout of jaundice that requires a blood transfusion. An excess amount of bilirubin can be fatal to the nerves in the ears.

Your doctor should be aware of the complications that may arise in premature babies and take every precaution necessary to make sure a healthy baby is delivered.

The truth is we never wish any of this would happen to our or anyone’s baby, but medical lapses can be a cause of nightmares like these.

Though it’s difficult to believe, according to the CDC, 36% or 1/3rd of infant deaths in the United States are due to preterm-related causes.

If you think you and your kid are a victim of medical negligence, get a free consultation from Dr Gleeson. You won’t get better advice than from a board certified doctor and a practicing lawyer.

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Premature Birth Malpractice
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Premature Birth Malpractice
Did you know that around 12.5% of children born in the United States are premature?
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