Missed Strokes in Younger Patients

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Medical Malpractice for Missed Strokes in Younger Patients

Medical Malpractice for Missed Strokes in Younger Patients

The truth of the matter is that strokes can happen at any age. When a stroke does happen
it’s critical that it is caught and treated quickly. If a stroke is caught in a timely fashion it has less of a
chance to do damage since doctors can administer the proper treatment. The problem comes about when
the symptoms of a stroke are overlooked and the proper tests aren’t run. This tends to happen in younger
patients because strokes aren’t common in people under 65 let alone under the age of 40. If you or a loved
one suffered because a doctor or other medical professional missed the symptoms of a stroke and didn’t
treat the condition properly, you have a legitimate medical malpractice claim.

Dr. Michael Gleeson, ESQ is an attorney as well as a licensed surgeon. He can offer you expertise in medical
malpractice, especially when it comes to missed strokes in younger patients (30-40 age range or younger).
Due to his experience in the medical field, he can better understand you or your loved one’s medical
records than another lawyer without medical experience could. This can make your claim go smoother and
help you recover from a missed stroke in some capacity.

Missed Strokes in Younger Patients (30-40 age range or younger)

Medical malpractice is also known as medical negligence. This refers to when a medical professional does
something wrong or fails to do something which leads to care that falls under the acceptable standards of
practice. When a medical professional misses the signs of a stroke or doesn’t do the proper tests because a
stroke isn’t expected in a younger patient it falls under medical negligence.

Stoke symptoms aren’t always easy to detect. They can be subtle and go unnoticed by emergency room
doctors and nurses. When these symptoms occur in patients under the age of 40, statistics show that the
odds of an ER doctor overlooking the signs of a stroke are greater than normal. This is mainly because the
likelihood of a younger person having a stroke is low.

Dr. David Newman-Toker of Johns Hopkins took this fact into account when he analyzed close to 200,000
hospital discharge records. During his analysis, he found that almost 13 percent of people who were
diagnosed with a stroke out of those records had been to the ER less than 48 hours (in some cases) before
the stroke complaining about dizziness or headaches. These could’ve been minor attacks warning of the
stroke or actual mini-strokes presenting atypical symptoms. All of those patients were either treated for
other things like migraines or inner ear infections or were sent home with no diagnosis. More so, the typical
tests looking for stroke activity weren’t done because it wasn’t considered to be a possibility.

When an older patient complains about dizziness, headaches, and the like a doctor is more likely to test
them for a stroke than when a 30-something-year-old comes in with the same complaints. Regardless of
the reasons behind a missed stroke diagnosis, when one happens it can cause a host of problems. The
longer a stroke is left untreated, the more damage it does to the patient. Every second is critical and
overlooked symptoms can be the difference between a full recovery and permanent damage. Something as
simple as a CT scan done in the ER can help diagnose a stroke in a patient no matter their age, but when
nothing is done you’re left with a medical malpractice claim that needs to be handled by an experienced

The Advantages of a Lawyer with Medical Experience

A medical malpractice attorney can handle these types of cases, but they have to consult experts and they
need help to decipher medical records. By choosing an attorney like Dr. Michael Gleeson, ESQ you’ll not
only be getting professional legal help, you’ll also get the knowledge and experience of a board-certified
surgeon who has years of experience working in hospitals and private practice.

A graduate of Fordham University in the Bronx, New York, Dr. Gleeson received his surgical training through
NY Medical College/Lincoln Hospital. He was one of the first surgeons to perform gallbladder removals and
similar surgeries as outpatient procedures by removing the afflicted organ through the belly button. He is
also responsible for designing some of the instruments used in those surgeries which are still in use today.

He followed up his accomplished medical career by graduating from Southwestern Law School in Los
Angeles, California before setting up his practice in Pennsylvania. He currently offers legal services in Lehigh
Valley and the surrounding areas. For those looking for medical malpractice help regarding missed strokes
in younger patients, Dr. Gleeson is able to use his medical knowledge as well as his legal skills to properly
evaluate your claim and help you win your case. If you’re located in the Lehigh Valley/Scranton area and
are looking for help recovering from a missed stroke diagnosis, contact Dr. Gleeson for a free consultation.

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Missed Strokes in Younger Patients
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Missed Strokes in Younger Patients
No one wakes up on morning and thinks that they might have a stroke. This is doubly true for people under the age of 40.
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