Midgut Malrotation

By August 8, 2016 November 13th, 2018 Medical Malpractice Attorney

Midgut malrotation or intestinal malrotation is an obstruction in the intestines or in simpler words, a blockage of the intestine which prevents the proper passing of food.

Midgut Malrotation

Most obstructions and blockages are present at birth but can also develop in a child due to subnormal scar tissue, hernia or an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Malrotation is caused by an abnormal development while a fetus is in the womb. It occurs in almost one in every five hundred births in the United States. Some children with intestinal malrotation do not develop any symptoms which makes it difficult to detect, but the majority of cases are diagnosed within one year of birth. After surgery, mostly the children continue to grow and develop in a perfectly normal way.

The risk comes when a volvulus occurs. A volvulus is when the intestines get twisted and parts of the intestine die because of the lack of blood supply if and when the knot becomes too tight. This is also when the symptoms occur. A volvulus is a medical emergency and should be treated immediately to prevent the intestine from dying. Even though the intestine may unwrap on its own, the risk is not worth taking and a wait-and-see approach should not be tolerated. In most cases, by the time signs arise of intestine death, such as an infection, it’s too late. The symptoms of a volvulus should be quickly diagnosed for example vomiting and gut wrenching pain. The vomit is usually green or yellow, which shows the presence of bile. In a newborn especially, green vomit is considered to be a medical emergency.

When handling and taking care of such a patient, as a parent or guardian, you need to ask yourself this – was there any unnecessary delay caused by the physician or the attending nurse involved in looking after the patient which resulted in a longer response time and were the patient’s signs and symptoms not responded to in a timely manner? And most importantly, was the outcome of the treatment or attempted treatment affected by the undue delay?

If the malpractice of any practitioner resulted in ineffective or less effective treatment, you are not supposed to carry the burden. The physician should take full responsibility of his actions and should compensate for the delay. For this purpose, Dr. Michael Gleeson is an experienced professional in this field. As he is both, a doctor and a lawyer, he is able to best handle cases with malpractices leading to an effect on the treatment methods and results. He has previously recovered many substantial amounts of money for those people whose physicians and doctors could not treat the symptoms of a disease like intestinal malrotation properly.

Obviously, there are multiple cases of volvulus which could not have been treated, not matter what. But, unfortunately, many cases also include where there could have been proper treatment and the results could have been avoided if the doctor was more active in the case.

Midgut Malrotation
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Midgut Malrotation
Midgut malrotation or intestinal malrotation is an obstruction in the intestines.
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