Medical Malpractice for a Missed Cancer Diagnosis

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Everyone wants to be able to trust their doctors, surgeons, and the medical personnel that they work with when their health isn’t where it should be.

Medical Malpractice for a Missed Cancer Diagnosis

Maybe you or a loved one had surgery that went awry or maybe the doctor that you trusted dropped the ball and overlooked some test results or symptoms that caused a missed cancer diagnosis. If you can relate to this scenario, you need to hire a lawyer who has experience with medical malpractice. Dr. Michael Gleeson is an attorney and licensed surgeon who can offer you expertise in medical malpractice. He not only knows the law but understands all of the medical reports that are needed during a medical malpractice case including those dealing with the frightening reality of a missed cancer diagnosis.

Medical Malpractice Experience – Missed Cancer Diagnosis

Sometimes called medical negligence, medical malpractice is when a doctor or medical professional provides care that doesn’t reach the acceptable standards of practice within the medical industry due to negligence and medical errors. This could be by physically doing something wrong or by failing to do something that led to injury or death for the patient.

In the case of a missed cancer diagnosis, the medical malpractice is caused by the negligence of the medical professional during testing or preliminary evaluations. For example, if your doctor overlooked symptoms you had and failed to do certain tests that could’ve detected cancer it is medical malpractice. A missed cancer diagnosis can also happen if tests were done but not read properly or certain key factors were overlooked. Either way, the missed cancer diagnosis would be caused by medical negligence and is considered malpractice.

While this might not sound like it’s as bad as other forms of malpractice, a missed diagnosis can be the difference between treating cancer successfully and catching it too late to do anything but let it run its course. Missed cancer diagnoses can be categorized by a delayed diagnosis, failing to screen for cancer at all, a diagnosis of the wrong kind of cancer, or wrongly diagnosing cancer and performing unnecessary treatments because of that.

Attorneys who handle medical malpractice cases, especially something like a missed cancer diagnosis, have to look through all of the medical records associated with the patient’s case including all of the tests that might have been done and overlooked. This can sometimes be over an attorney’s head because most have never gone to medical school and have only a basic knowledge of medical terms. That knowledge is usually based on their experience with medical malpractice cases and can, therefore, be limited. This is where having an attorney with a background in medicine can come in handy.

The Intersection of Law and Medicine

Dr. Michael Gleeson is not only an accomplished attorney, he is also a board-certified general surgeon with extensive medical knowledge. This allows him to come into every medical malpractice case, including those that deal with a missed cancer diagnosis, with an existing knowledge of how to read MRIs, mammograms, blood screenings, and similar tests. He also understands all medical terminology without having to look it up or consult a third-party.

Dr. Gleeson was raised in New York and graduated from Fordham University. He received his surgical training at NY Medical College/Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx. In 1989, he held the title of chief surgical resident at that hospital. He is also on record as one of the first surgeons to do outpatient surgery for the removal of hernias, adhesions, gallbladders, appendixes, and lymph node dissections via the belly button. He even designed the instruments for these outpatient procedures which are still used worldwide.

After an accomplished career in the medical field, Dr. Gleeson worked on his Law degree. He attended Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, California and went on to practice. He realized that he could use his knowledge of the medical industry to quickly identify potential clients as well as their issues. He then realized he had the knowledge to effectively analyze reports and to connect the legal world with the medical world for the sake of his clients.

Thanks to his knowledge, Dr. Gleeson makes an effort to review claims of missed cancer diagnosis as well as other medical malpractice claims by looking at all of the available material. He can then make an informed and honest evaluation of your claim and determine if you have a solid case.

By seeking out the help of Dr. Gleeson instead of another malpractice attorney, you’ll be sure that all medical records will be analyzed properly. He has a vast knowledge of all technical terminology and information and can identify where the negligence took place. Dr. Gleeson offers free consultations for residents in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area. If you’re located there and believe that you have a claim for a missed cancer diagnosis, you can reach out to him and schedule an appointment to discuss your claim.

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Medical Malpractice for a Missed Cancer Diagnosis
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Medical Malpractice for a Missed Cancer Diagnosis
Everyone wants to be able to trust their doctors, surgeons, and the medical personnel that they work with when their health isn’t where it should be.
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