Maternal Anxiety Can Affect Kids with Cerebral Palsy

By July 17, 2017 November 23rd, 2018 Medical and Legal Issues

A recent study published in the journal Archives of Neuropsychiatry suggests that maternal anxiety and depression could affect the quality of life for children suffering from cerebral palsy. A major cause of physical disability, cerebral palsy causes motor and sensory impairment, creating symptoms that include low muscle tone, muscle spasms and poor muscle control. Aside from these side effects, children can also experience another condition that affects their health: stress. Facts About the Study The study, “Impact of Symptoms of Maternal Anxiety and Depression on Quality of Life of Children with Cerebral Palsy” tested the relationship between parental mental health and parent proxy-reports on health-related quality of life in children with cerebral palsy. Specifically, researchers looked at 97 cerebral palsy patients from the ages 7 to 18, while also factoring in maternal depression and anxiety symptoms using the Beck Depression Inventory and the Beck Anxiety…
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