Malpractice Involving Wrong Medication

By December 29, 2016 September 15th, 2018 Medical Malpractice Attorney

Malpractice Involving Wrong Medication Provided in the Hospital

Malpractice Involving Wrong Medication

Medications can be very important for proper health management and recovery after operations and other procedures. They help you heal, protect you from infection, and manage your pain or other conditions present in your body.

However, the minute you take the wrong medication you could be doing more harm than good. When you’re given the wrong drugs in the hospital, it falls under medical malpractice. If you were under a doctor’s care and had the wrong medication provided in the hospital, especially during post-op you may have a legitimate claim against the hospital and staff.

To properly handle your medical malpractice claim you’ll need an experienced lawyer who is qualified to take on your case. Dr. Michael Gleeson, ESQ is not only a qualified medical negligence attorney, he’s also a board-certified surgeon with years of experience in the medical field. With a background in medicine and the law, he can properly handle your case from start to finish.

Dr. Gleeson’s Malpractice Expertise

If you went in for medical care and had the wrong medication provided to you in the hospital, you need comprehensive legal help. This is where Dr. Gleeson shines. Besides having the legal know-how and the right credentials to handle your claim; he’s also an accomplished medical professional who spent years practicing as a board-certified general surgeon in both hospitals and private practice.

After receiving his undergraduate degree at Fordham University, Dr. Gleeson moved on to train at NY Medical College/Lincoln Hospital. There he went through his rigorous surgical training and was named chief surgical resident in 1989. While working as a surgeon, Dr. Gleeson was not only one of the first surgeons to perform innovative outpatient surgeries via the belly button to extract appendixes, hernias, and the like but he also had a hand in designing the instruments that are still used to perform these types of surgeries. He has also trained students, nurses, other surgeons, and even sales representatives for companies within the medical industry. All of this experience gives him the medical knowledge to properly evaluate medical negligence cases including one where the wrong medication was provided in the hospital.

As far as his legal capabilities, Dr. Gleeson earned his law degree at Southwestern Law School before passing the bar exam and opening up his current practice in Pennsylvania. He currently offers legal services in Allentown, Scranton, the Poconos, Lehigh Valley, and those surrounding areas. Using his medical background, he can effectively handle medical malpractice cases from beginning to end. He is able to decipher medical records, test results, and the hospital’s protocols on his own and can quickly pinpoint where things went wrong during your time in the hospital. This is different than a lawyer without medical experience as they would need to reach out for help to decipher medical jargon and similar items to deal with your case. For that reason alone, Dr. Gleeson is the best choice for your medical malpractice case.

Post-Op Mismanagement and its Consequences

If you were given wrong medication after an operation, there was more than likely some type of negligence on the part of the medical staff charged with taking care of you. This could fall into different categories: you could’ve been given the wrong dose of the proper medication or you could’ve been given the wrong medication altogether. Either way, this type of error can lead to physical problems in your body that can lead to additional damage and even the loss of life. For example, if you require blood pressure medication and are administered something different that that specific medication, your blood pressure could increase and cause problems within your cardiovascular system. This problem can be made worse if you have an allergy and are given the medication to which you are allergic.

For those of you who have dealt with this or if you have a loved one who had the wrong medication provided in the hospital, consider reaching out to Dr. Gleeson and requesting a free consultation.

Let him use his legal and medical skills to get you’re the justice that you deserve.

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Malpractice Involving Wrong Medication
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Malpractice Involving Wrong Medication
The minute you take the wrong medication you could be doing more harm than good. When you’re given the wrong drugs in the hospital, it falls under medical malpractice.
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