Delay in Diagnosis of Pediatric Cancer

By June 16, 2016 November 13th, 2018 Medical Malpractice Attorney

In most parts of the world, getting access to experienced doctors has become difficult in recent times.

In fact, there is usually a waiting time of months, or even years, to get an appointment with a quality . And this has many individuals of all ages succumbing to their illnesses, diseases or injuries.

Especially when it comes to cancer in young children and babies – immediate diagnosis and treatment is required for maximizing the chances of curing the patient and doing so with minimal side effects. In the field of Oncology, early diagnosis is fundamental for an effective treatment.

Delay in Diagnosis of Pediatric CancerWhen cancer begins to show symptoms, already a significant amount of time has passed. And for the parents of the affected children, to notice there is something wrong with their baby which is out of the ordinary, takes even more time. By the time the child reaches the doctor the cancer could have grown or worse, could have spread. But according to research that’s not where the major delay comes. The most delayed part is proper diagnosis from the physician. Most symptoms are just shrugged off as being ordinary problems like a fever or cold. When medicines do not take effect and symptoms get worse, only then do the doctors realize something much worse than the common cold is going on. By then, it’s common to have been too late. Either the cancer has been spread too much to be treated or operated on or the cancer has led to permanent damage of the physical or mental state of the child. Another dangerous factor arises when, in order to remove the developed cancer, stronger treatments are necessary, like chemotherapy, which can have devastating effects on a child. Stunted or abnormal growth are examples of exposure to radiation treatments which become necessary to remove the cancer.

And if you have come anywhere near to any such relatable experience, it is important you stand up for your rights and fight against the negligence which was shown to your child. Dr. Michael Gleeson is and experienced doctor and lawyer and specializes in fighting for such cases in the court and give them a strong chance of winning against negligent doctors. The world needs to know that such carefree attitude of doctors will not be tolerated by the public. Every day, thousands of people die just because of this one reason: negligence. If you live in Lehigh Valley, Stroudsburg, Lehigh Valley or Poconos, and believe you or your child has been a victim of such offense, do not hesitate to call Dr. Gleeson and get justice for your suffering. They focus on getting you the right amount of compensation you deserve. Dr. Gleeson also offers a free consultation to see if you have the ground required for a medical negligence claim. You can find out everything about your case and your legal options and compensation expectation in the free consultation session. So stand up against the wrong and pursue your case.

Delay in Diagnosis of Pediatric Cancer
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Delay in Diagnosis of Pediatric Cancer
Young children and babies – immediate diagnosis and treatment is required for maximizing the chances of curing the patient.
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