Deadline set to December 1st for Electronic reporting of injuries and illnesses to OSHA

By November 8, 2017 November 27th, 2018 Medical and Legal Issues

Employers who are required to fill what is commonly called the “OSHA Log” have to submit their 2016 injury and illness data electronically by December 1st. The original deadline was July 1st but OSHA announced in May that the deadline would be postponed. OSHA didn’t provide any specific date at the time. This requirement complies with OSHA final rule to “Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses” that was released last January.  This final rule requires that all employers who need to file OSHA Form 300A, file the form electronically. Employers that have 250 or more employees as well as employers with 20 to 249 employees that are working in risky sectors such as the construction industry must all file this form. In 2018 the deadline for 2017 data will be July 1st and in 2019 as well as all the following years, the deadline will be March 2nd. Employers can now go online anytime to access the Injury Tracking Application and login…
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