Childhood Misses – Cancer

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A medical condition, like cancer, can only be treated once it is found and diagnosed.

Childhood Misses – Cancer

When something serious goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, precious time is lost. When there are childhood misses involving cancer, the fallout can be more dramatic and heart wrenching. Families who have suffered because a doctor failed to diagnose their child’s cancer upon examination have a legitimate medical malpractice claim. Only a skilled attorney with experience in the medical negligence field can help in these situations. However, even some great malpractice attorneys can fall short in cases involving undiagnosed cancer in children. This is because the information in these records can sometimes be lacking or purposefully withheld. Luckily, Dr. Michael Gleeson has a secret weapon that allows him to have greater success with these kinds of cases. Dr. Gleeson is not only a malpractice attorney, he’s also a trained and board-certified surgeon with extensive medical industry experience. He is able to use this unique combination of skills to evaluate childhood misses involving cancer and determine what went wrong (if anything) and if it could’ve been avoided.

Pediatric Cancer – Misdiagnoses and Malpractice

In general, pediatric cancer is found early because the symptoms are usually noted quickly by parents and reported to doctors in a timely manner. However, there are some signs of cancers that can go unrecognized or that are overlooked because they mimic more benign symptoms like those of a common cold. Similarly, since cancer is rare in children, it isn’t suspected by doctors immediately.

Some of the common signs and symptoms related to pediatric cancers are lumps, sudden weight loss, an unusual lack of energy, vision changes, unexplained bruising, headaches with vomiting, pain, persistent fever, and problems walking. These symptoms are easily overlooked and can lead to misdiagnoses. Those misses mean that cancer can go untreated for longer than necessary which will allow cancer to spread or do more damage to the child. This may cause permanent damage to the child or, sadly, lead to their untimely death both of which could’ve been avoided if the cancer was caught in time. If it turns out that the proper screenings weren’t done or that symptoms were overlooked, there is a medical malpractice case to be made; Dr. Gleeson can help with that.

Dr. Gleeson: A Unique Combination of Knowledge and Experience

With experience in both the legal and medical fields, Dr. Gleeson is able to analyze all medical malpractice claims with a keen eye. He can quickly identify what went wrong or what was overlooked during an examination that led to undiagnosed cancer. Thanks to his training in medicine, Dr. Gleis able to read test results properly and decipher technical medical records better than lawyers without that knowledge and experience.

Dr. Gleeson earned his undergraduate degree at Fordham University in the Bronx, New York. He then received his medical training from NY Medical College/Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx. He had a successful career as a board-certified general surgeon working in private practice as well as hospitals in the Northeast region. He has since moved on to the legal field where he decided to use the knowledge and experience that he gained to begin his law career helping people suffering at the hands of medical malpractice.

Dr. Gleeson’s current law firm is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He serves Scranton, Lehigh Valley, Allentown, and the Poconos proudly. If you have a malpractice claim including one dealing with misdiagnosed pediatric cancer, call Dr. Gleeson and request a free consultation.

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Childhood Misses – Cancer
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Childhood Misses – Cancer
A medical condition, like cancer, can only be treated once it is found and diagnosed.
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