Child – Prenatal Misses and Errors

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Medical errors sadly aren’t limited to adults.

Children can be affected by medical negligence as can unborn children.

Child – Prenatal Misses and Errors

Mistakes can be made during prenatal care that can have residual effects on your unborn child that can cause permanent damage or worse result in a loss of pregnancy. Once your child is born, mistakes can still happen while under a doctor’s care. If you’ve dealt with child – prenatal misses and errors that resulted in injury or worse you need a skilled lawyer who has experience with pediatric and prenatal malpractice.

Dr. Michael Gleeson is a successful malpractice attorney who has specific experience with pediatric malpractice as well as prenatal and birth malpractice. He is not only a skilled attorney but is also a board-certified surgeon who practiced medicine for years. With that dual knowledge, Dr. Gleeson offers a unique perspective on medical malpractice law that can benefit you as you try to get the justice you deserve.

The Successful Link between Law and Medicine Dr. Gleeson is an attorney and general surgeon who is currently practicing law in the state of Pennsylvania. He uses his background in medicine to offer advice to other attorneys on malpractice cases and handles his own cases. Due to his experience as a board-certified surgeon Dr. Gleeson can analyze a claim and quickly figure out if your claim has merit. He’ll also be able to skim your medical records and quickly identify the medical mistakes that were made (if any) that led to any damages. He can also decipher technical information including any tests that were performed. His understanding of medical protocol can also help him figure out if there were symptoms or signs that were overlooked or if necessary tests were forgotten or misinterpreted. If a misdiagnosis was the cause of injury or death, Dr. Gleeson can effectively communicate that to help close the case successfully.

Before earning his law degree from Southwestern Law School, Dr. Gleeson was a full-time surgeon. He received his undergraduate degree from Fordham University and continued on to receive his surgical training at NY Medical College/Lincoln Hospital. From there, he led a successful career as a general surgeon in hospitals as well as in private practice. He has also trained students, other surgeons, and nurses using his knowledge and experience.

Dr. Gleeson realized that he could successfully use his background in medicine to help people dealing with the fallout of medical malpractice and decided to dedicate his work to those cases. If you have a medical malpractice case, especially one involving child or prenatal misses and errors, Dr. Gleeson can use his unique skillset to help you.

Pediatric and Prenatal Malpractice

These forms of malpractice can happen at any time and could cause permanent damage to the child in question or result in their untimely death. As devastating as these cases can be they are also quite complicated to handle. Information tends to be withheld more with these cases and sometimes things aren’t properly explained to the parents. More so, emotions are high in these cases so things need to be handled delicately at times. Dr. Gleeson understands this and aims to use his vast medical experience with his legal knowledge to help families get through these tough times.

Dr. Gleeson can help with cases involving delayed or missed diagnosis of pediatric cancer, incidences of Hirschsprung’s disease, intussusception, cardiac problems, post-op errors, medication errors, problems with anesthesia, mistakes during surgery, and other medical negligence claims.

If you or someone you care about is dealing with the fallout from child or prenatal misses and errors and live in Lehigh Valley, the Poconos, Allentown, Scranton, or the surrounding areas, reach out to Dr. Gleeson and get a free consultation. Dr. Gleeson will analyze your claim and try and help you in the best way possible.

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Child – Prenatal Misses and Errors
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Child – Prenatal Misses and Errors
Medical errors sadly aren’t limited to adults. Children can be affected by medical negligence as can unborn children.
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