Why do Surgical Errors Occur?

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While performing a surgery, the surgeon has the immense responsibility of a life depending on him. A minute surgical error can cause a patient his or her life. It is the duty of the surgeon to plan out a surgery and ensure that all precautionary measures have been taken that can result in any error. Human life is no joke but still sometimes the surgeons fail to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

surgical error

The most common types of surgical errors that might happen during a surgery include:

  • Operating on the wrong patient
  • Operating on the wrong body part
  • Operating at the wrong location
  • Rupturing a nerve during a surgery
  • Administering too much or too little medication, i.e. anesthesia error
  • Leaving a piece of surgical equipment like a needle inside the patient’s body
  • Infecting the human body with a virus or bacteria


The human body is highly sensitive. The respectable reputation that doctors carry is because they are brave enough to deal with the most serious issue of handling a human body. Even after taking so many precautions and thorough planning, why is there still room for a surgical error?

Following are a few reasons that may cause it:


It may sound strange but yes, sometimes the surgeon lacks the skill or experience to perform a surgery. His incompetence may become the cause of a serious surgical error.

Insufficient Preoperative Planning:

It is very important for the surgeon to plan out the surgery with his nurses and assistants before carrying it out. He might miss on reviewing and preparing for a certain complication that is likely to occur.

Improper Work Process:

Surgeons must know that this is not a task where shortcuts can be encouraged. It is very important to carry out the detailed steps to ensure that the process is going smoothly.

Poor Communication:

A poor communication between a surgeon and his assistants can also result in dire consequences. It is very important for him to mark the right places and to give out proper and precise orders.


A surgeon must be well-rested because tired people are more likely to make mistakes. Although, it is obvious that surgeons follow a tough routine and have long work shifts but they must take out time to take ample rest.


Surgeons lead a very stressful life and sometimes in order to cope with the pressure they turn towards drugs and alcohol. Yes, it may shock you that a surgeon may consider entering an operating room under the influence of drugs but it happens.


There are times when surgeons become over-confident of themselves or act too carelessly during a surgery. Their haste or carelessness may cost someone his life.

Unhygienic Surgical Instruments:

Sometimes the surgeons may fail to ensure that the instruments are sterilized and might end up using infected equipment in a surgery. This may lead to some virus or bacteria entering the patient’s body.

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Why do Surgical Errors Occur
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Why do Surgical Errors Occur
While performing a surgery, the surgeon has the immense responsibility of a life depending on him.
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