Post-Op Errors Can Lead to Malpractice Claims

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Surgeries of any kind can be dangerous and cause you stress.

Post-Op Errors Can Lead to Malpractice Claims

That stress and danger are only magnified when you have to deal with post-op errors by your doctor, nurses, or other medical staff who were supposed to help you recover. Post-op care should be straightforward and be done in a way that helps you get back on your feet. It shouldn’t be something that makes you feel worse or leads to more problems and possibly more surgeries.

Common Post-Op Errors

When you have surgery that goes well but your post-op care doesn’t go as smooth, you can run into more medical problems than you had before your surgery. Post-op care, also known as postoperative treatment, is supposed to be a streamlined recovery process that you go through after your surgery. Your wounds will be checked to make sure they’re healing properly, you will be monitored to make sure all of your bodily functions are working properly, and you’ll get help with pain management as well as general care. This seems like a simple process but sometimes post-op care falls under the acceptable standards and mistakes are made and patients suffer.

There are some common postoperative errors that malpractice experts keep an eye out for during the evaluation of a claim. One error is substandard wound care. After surgeries, incisions have to be kept clean so they can heal properly without infection. At this point, your risk of infection is already high since the hospital is full of contaminants but the risk goes up if your wound is properly cared for while you’re there.

Another post-op error that occurs if medical staff doesn’t keep a close eye on your vital signs. Sometimes after surgery a patient’s temperature can go up or their blood pressure can increase for unknown reasons.

If problems like this aren’t taken care of during the postoperative care it can lead to negative side effects and possibly permanent damage. In proper care standards, your vital signs will be checked on a strict schedule that is coupled with follow-up questions about your overall well-being. If this schedule isn’t adhered to or medical staff overlooks any signs of a problem during these evaluations, complications can occur.

There are other problems that can happen during postoperative treatment that can lead to injury or worse. The fact of the matter is that these errors can be avoided as long as the care being administered is done in an appropriate and precise way. Any care that falls under the acceptable standards is considered medical negligence and is grounds for a malpractice claim.

Let Dr. Gleeson Help Make You Whole Again

If you or a loved one had a successful surgery only to be harmed due to post-op errors in the hospital, you may have a legitimate medical malpractice claim. You’ll need an attorney who will thoroughly go over your medical records and make a fair determination on your claim in order to help you get justice. Dr. Michael Gleeson, ESQ is an accomplished medical malpractice lawyer who can help you become whole again.

Dr. Gleeson is a member of many prestigious boards including the American Association for Justice, the American Bar Association, the PA Association for Justice, and the PA Bar Association. He earned his law degree at Southwestern Law School and now operates a successful law office in Pennsylvania and proudly serves Scranton, Lehigh Valley, Allentown, the Poconos and the surrounding areas.

Besides being a skilled lawyer, Dr. Gleeson is also an accomplished surgeon and member of the American Board of Surgery. He trained at the NY Medical College/Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx, New York and was given the role of chief surgical resident in 1989. He has done countless surgeries including some of the first outpatient gallbladder surgeries that called for the removal of the organ via the belly button. He’s also trained students as well as other surgeons and had an active surgical practice before he began his legal career.

His background in medicine allows Dr. Gleeson to perform at a higher level than most other malpractice attorneys because he has his own knowledge and experience to fall back on. He understands medical jargon, can read confusing medical records without help, and can even decipher technical test results while handling your post-op error claim. He can quickly identify mistakes that were made and tell you if you have a legitimate legal claim.

If you’re located in the Lehigh Valley, Scranton, Poconos, or Allentown areas and would like to discuss your medical malpractice claim with Dr. Gleeson, contact his office for a free consultation.

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Post-Op Errors Can Lead to Malpractice Claims
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Post-Op Errors Can Lead to Malpractice Claims
The dangers are only magnified when you have to deal with post-op errors by your doctor, nurses, or other medical staff who were supposed to help you recover.
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