Personal Injury

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If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, it’s a tough position to be in.

Personal Injury

If your injury disrupts your day to day activity or your medical bills are piling up you’ve probably already made a personal injury claim. Have you hit a wall during negotiations with the insurance adjuster? Has your claim been declined?

If you’re pursuing your personal injury claim by yourself, you could run into situations like this. You could have to deal with claim adjustor who will deny their insured was at fault, or won’t agree how severe your injuries are, or will tell you that the amount you’re demanding is way too much.

Very often claims fail because the victim cannot provide witness testimony. Again, if your claim is based on the fact that the injury has had an effect on your life (for example, lost earnings as because you can’t perform your job anymore, or the burden of medical bills that was a result of your injury), you will need to provide documentary evidence in support of the claims.

A signed letter from a GP (General Practitioner) should be enough to substantiate your claims of your injuries. To back up your claims of lost earnings a signed report from your employer will work.

How Serious Do The Injuries Need To Be For You To File A Lawsuit?

In Pennsylvania, unless your case meets a “serious injury” threshold most vehicle accident cases will fall under the no-fault umbrella. You’ll have to demonstrate that you have a case that involves “serious injuries” to file a lawsuit.

Serious injuries are those that have caused significant damage and have limited a person’s ability to perform their day-to-day activities… either temporarily or permanently. These are termed as “Threshold injuries”.

They could range from anything like fractures, disfigurement, and loss of an organ or reduced functionality of the organ and death.

It doesn’t matter what you think or what it looks like… if you’ve been involved in an accident in the state of Pennsylvania and seeking damages for your injuries, get a free consultation from a Dr Gleeson Law.

What Can You Claim For A Personal Injury?

In a personal injury lawsuit you can claim the following:

  • Loss of Earnings: The time you had to take off from work to attend to the injuries can be claimed for compensation. Your loss of earnings is based upon your average take-home pay during the three months before the accident.
  • Future Loss of Earnings: Your injury due to an accident could make it impossible for you to return to your original job, and look for one that is limited by your physical condition this could affect your earning potential and pension entitlement.

In addition, you can also claim damage to personal effects like glasses, dentures, clothing etc. travel and prescription costs as well as help from family.

What Should You Look For In A Personal Injury Attorney in Scranton, PA?

A quality you should look for is someone with honesty and integrity. A lot of lawyers may make you believe in big payouts and quick settlements, do your due diligence. Don’t always choose a lawyer that promises big.

A skilled attorney should have exceptional negotiation skills to deal with the liable party in a friendly manner.

Dr Gleeson has been helping personal injury victims in the Tri-county area for over a decade. His expertise in personal injury law and medicine, makes him an indispensable choice in your case.

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Personal Injury
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Personal Injury
If your injury disrupts your day to day activity or your medical bills are piling up you’ve probably already made a personal injury claim.
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