Medical Malpractice Rights

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You already have a lot on your plate during an illness or a serious injury.

Medical Malpractice

It’s even more heartbreaking when the people whom we trust to take care of our health, become the cause of our lifelong suffering and in some cases a loved one’s death.

According to a research conducted at John Hopkins University, the 3rd highest cause of death every year in the United States is attributed to medical error. The count is a little above 250,000.

There’s little surprise in the fact that around 15000 to 19000 cases are brought against negligent doctors every year.

That doesn’t mean every doctor or medical service provider out there is negligent or irresponsible. But if you look at the numbers that we just discussed, the possibility that you or your loved ones have been or could be a part of medical negligence is very real.

What can you do about it?

Knowing your rights could help you take an informed decision.

According to a paper published in NCBI, there are four factors that must be proved to be eligible for a medical malpractice lawsuit. They are

  • A professional duty was owed to a patient
  • There was a breach of such a duty
  • There was injury caused by the breach and lastly
  • The resulting damages were caused.

It could be pretty confusing to decode the medical jargons and determine if you have a case or not. It’s always prudent to get a Medical Assessment to make sure your case has merit. Several states are now using a certificate of merit as a first step to determine the legitimacy of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

My name is Dr. Michael Gleeson. I’m board certified in General Surgery, and a law graduate of the Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, California. You can read about my practice here. I can quickly go through your medical records and determine the best course of action.

You may also not be aware that you have a time limit on filing your legal claim, termed a “statute of limitations”, which is different for every state. Which means you’ve to file your claim within a certain period of time or you risk losing any chance of recovering compensation for your injuries.

The statute of limitations is 2 years for filing a Professional Malpractice or personal injury claim.

Did you know?

The amount of medical malpractice payout in the US for 2016 has been a little above 3.8 billion dollars and for the state of PA, the amount was $315,578,800.

Out of these amounts, the biggest compensations have been awarded to cases of misdiagnosis, followed by fatalities due to errors in surgery and treatment.

There are different kinds of malpractice and medical errors that are prevalent today, from failure to diagnose, to premature discharge and infections you could have acquired in the hospital.

If you’re unsure if your case has merit, give me a call at 570.346.0747 or 855.346.0747 and book a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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Medical Malpractice Rights
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Medical Malpractice Rights
It’s even more heartbreaking when the people whom we trust to take care of our health, become the cause of our lifelong suffering and in some cases a loved one's death.
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