Firearms Manufacturer Remington Recalls Model 700 and Model 7

By February 22, 2017 November 21st, 2018 Medical and Legal Issues

Firearms Manufacturer Remington has recalled the Remington Model 700 and the Remington Model 7 rifles manufactured between May 1, 2006 and April 9, 2014.  The models eligible for the recall have the X-Mark Pro model trigger. There are approximately 7.5 million defective guns being used by consumers at the time of this posting. The recall is intended to replace the trigger mechanism which can fire without ever been pulled or even touched. The company decided to do a recall as part of a proposed national class action settlement. According to Remington’s Recall website the company has determined that some Model 700 and Model Seven rifles with XMP triggers could, under certain circumstances, unintentionally discharge. If you think you may own one of these rifles, locate the gun’s serial number and call 1-800-243-9700 Monday -Friday 9-5pm or enter it If you own an affected rifle, Remington will pay shipping and handling to have your…
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