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By February 15, 2016 November 13th, 2018 Medical Malpractice Attorney

When you seek medical treatment, you expect your doctors to be capable of diagnosing and treating your problem. You never think you or your loved one will be the one who suffers an injury, or worse death, at the hands of your health provider. When the doctor or nurse does something wrong, or fails to do something, they open themselves up to litigation for medical negligence. If a doctor is ever negligent in their care, a patient has every right to receive damages, or payment, for the harm done to them. Usually, a person will contact an attorney to make sure their case is viable, and then retain that attorney so they can begin working on the case. You can guarantee your case is in good hands when you have a former doctor as your lawyer.

A Lawyer and A Doctor

Ok. This may sound like the beginning of a bad joke, but how often are you able to have an attorney represent you who is also a doctor? Now that may not mean much in corporate law, but when it comes to medical negligence that is like winning the jackpot. When you are bringing a malpractice lawsuit on your health care provider, it is vital you have an attorney who knows the law, and has an understanding about the medical profession. Many lawyers know only bits and pieces about the medical field, and most of that knowledge they have garnered from cases they have taken in the past. Having legal representation by a lawyer who once practiced medicine is a benefit many do not have.

It is Negligence if…

There are many examples of what is considered medical negligence. Some types of injuries caused by doctors maybe obvious, but others not so much. If your doctor failed to screen you for cancer and then you became devastatingly sick from cancer, because that doctor failed to do their job completely, you may have a case. If your doctor preformed an unnecessary surgery and you suffer complications from that surgery, you most likely have a case. If something goes wrong with the application of the anesthesia, or there is an error in the administration of your medication, you quite possibly have a case. If you think your health care provider has been negligent, it is best to call an attorney who can answer any questions you may have.

If you are ever hurt or misdiagnosed by a medical provider, it could be medical negligence and you could have a case. Make sure you get an attorney who knows the law and can speak the language of the professional they are taking on.

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